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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is KnnectMe?

KnnectMe is an innovative company, dedicated to creating digital business cards connected to a smart system for Business Network Management, that can completely replace the habit of exchanging paper business cards with a brand-new solution - environmentally friendly, modern and long-lasting.
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2. When should I use KnnectMe?

You can use KnnectMe, when meeting new people - on Exhibitions, Conferences, Meetings, everywhere. Just show them your KnnectMe Card and they will receive your contact details, right after they've scanned your QR Code.

It is important to metion that the whole "contacts exchange" process takes no more than just a few seconds and you will walk away with a new contact added to one of your auto-generated contacts groups. And the next time you want to get in touch with him - he will be just a tap away in the KnnectMe App.

3.How do I get a KnnectMe Card?

Once you've Signed Up in KnnectMe you are able to access the KnnectMe Card Designer. It allows you to customize your own KnnectMe Card, even if you are in your Trial Period.

After purchasing one of the Paid KnnectMe Plans you will be required to fill out your data that will be used for your Order Processing. Our Team will produce your personalized KnnectMe Card and will ship it right to your doorstep.

4.KnnectMe Card vs Paper Business Cards?

Compared to a traditional paper business card, KnnectMe offers a brand-new modern solution for exchange of contact details.

With KnnectMe you can create a unique Plastic QR Card that can be used anywhere, anytime (forget about having 100s of business cards with you). Our card is more eco-friendly, because statistics show that more than 80% of all paper business cards end up as paper waste.

Using your KnnectMe Card, when meeting new people, guarantees you that the meeting will be memorized, because you will present yourself and your company in a modern, stylish and innovative way. One step forward, compared to your competitors.

5. Who can see my KnnectMe Profile?

Anyone that you show your KnnectMe Card to can view a short summary of your profile. All they have to do is sacn it and they can add you to their network. And inversely - you can add them. Another way to go to someone's profile is using their unique ID that is shown on the card. To every user there is a corresponding url in the form of That is where your QR Code leads to.

6. Is KnnectMe Really Free?

The KnnectMe App is FREE to use for your first month. You can sign up here directly. When you scan someone else's KnnectMe Card you will also be prompted to sign up if you are not registered yet. No credit card is required to create a free account.

7.Does KnnectMe provide bonuses?

KnnectMe rewards active users! We have decided to integrate a "Refferal Program" that allows you to use your Profile ID as a Refferal Code for new KnnectMe users. Both sides will receive bonuses, because we believe in mouth-to-mouth advertising.

If you are intersted and want to read more about it, then click here (link comming soon) to learn more.

8.How to pay for a KnnectMe Starter Pack?

If you want to "upgrade" your KnnectMe Profile you'll need to click on the "Upgrade" button, right below the menu on your Dashboard.

Before the payment gateway you will be redirected to a checkout page, where you should enter your Business and Delivery Information that will be used for the invoicing process.

The whole payment process is conducted by "Stripe International" and accepts Debit/Credit Cards.

9.Shipping and Delivery Terms.

After a successful Payment you will receive an email notification, including your invoice.

Our Team will proceed to the production of your customized KnnectMe Card and will prepare it for shipping.

The Shipping Partner of KnnectMe is "Bulgarian Posts" More Info. Shipping rates are included in the payment and are described on the checkout page. Delivery time: BG (1-2 work days), EU (3-5 work days), USA (7-15 work days), other countries (10-20 work days).

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