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A symbiosis between a QR Business Card and an innovative App.

Design your KnnectMe Card

Create your Digital Business Card.

  • Meet the KnnectMe Card - memorizable, innovative and eco-friendly.

  • Your business information - updateable, anytime you want - collected in your QR Code.

  • The easiest and safest way to exchange contacts that last.


Expand your business network.

Share your contact details and connect with people in seconds. Add "Quick Notes" to your new contacts and let the app take care of the rest.

Always be a QR Code away from new acquaintances. You can use both the built-in QR Code Scanner or your phone's camera app.

Keep Track-tion of your Contacts.

  • Adding Contacts to KnnectMe is simple, keeping track of them is even simplier. Find out when, where and why you added a new contact using the "Traction Panel".

  • Look up any date or event, giving you an accurate overview of contacts.

  • Look up any date or event, giving you an accurate overview of contacts.


The Process, made for People

Take the next step to digitalize your Business Network.

Quickly Sign Up for Free

Explore the intuitive KnnectMe App.

Design your own Card

Design your Unique Business Card.

Set Up your Profile

Describe yourself and your business.

Start Connecting

Share and receive Contact Details.

What makes KnnectMe so Cool?

A complete set of digital tools that will help you expand your Business Network.

Modern Look
Personal QR Card
QR Scanner
Automatic Groups
Quick Notes
Traction Panel
Explore Events
CRM Integration

KnnectMe Card.
A new experience.

  • Exchange Contacts within seconds

  • Your unique QR Code on the card

  • A single card - fits in your wallet

  • Made from Recyclable Materials

  • Customizable - Part of your Brand

  • Design your KnnectMe Card

Things other businesses say about KnnectMe

Everything so far

Check out this this quick video overview of KnnectMe! Learn how we can help you expand your business network.

Amazing new Features.

Because of the dynamically changing time we live in, our team strives to develop new KnnectMe Features that will simplify the way you communicate with your Business Network.

Stay tuned for our upcoming features: GDPR Agreement Module, Segmented Marketing Module, Referral Program and many others.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about KnnectMe? Check out these F.A.Q. and maybe you'll find the answer there.

KnnectMe is an innovative company, dedicated to creating digital business cards connected to a smart system for Business Network Management, that can completely replace the habit of exchanging paper business cards with a brand-new solution - environmentally friendly, modern and long-lasting.
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You can use KnnectMe, when meeting new people - on Exhibitions, Conferences, Meetings, everywhere. Just show them your KnnectMe Card and they will receive your contact details, right after they've scanned your QR Code.

It is important to metion that the whole "contacts exchange" process takes no more than just a few seconds and you will walk away with a new contact added to one of your auto-generated contacts groups. And the next time you want to get in touch with him - he will be just a tap away in the KnnectMe App.

Once you've Signed Up in KnnectMe you are able to access the KnnectMe Card Designer. It allows you to customize your own KnnectMe Card, even if you are in your Trial Period.

After purchasing one of the Paid KnnectMe Plans you will be required to fill out your data that will be used for your Order Processing. Our Team will produce your personalized KnnectMe Card and will ship it right to your doorstep.

Compared to a traditional paper business card, KnnectMe offers a brand-new modern solution for exchange of contact details.

With KnnectMe you can create a unique Plastic QR Card that can be used anywhere, anytime (forget about having 100s of business cards with you). Our card is more eco-friendly, because statistics show that more than 80% of all paper business cards end up as paper waste.

Using your KnnectMe Card, when meeting new people, guarantees you that the meeting will be memorized, because you will present yourself and your company in a modern, stylish and innovative way. One step forward, compared to your competitors.

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