KnnectMe Pricing - Expand your business network with a QR Code.

Simple And Flexible Pricing

Try out the KnnectMe App and all it's features. The first month is on us! Use this time to grow your network. If you end up enjoying the experience, pay just once to upgrade your plan. All your contacts are kept when upgrading.

Free Tier

$ 0 /1 mo

Includes free one month trial period.

Get Started
  • Up to 30 Contacts
  • Built-In QR Scanner
  • Create groups
  • Export groups to a spreadsheet

Starter Pack

$ 35.00

Includes everything from "Free Tier".

Upgrade to Starter
  • Up to 200 Contacts
  • Full Profile Features
  • Atuomatically generated Groups
  • Your own KnnectMe Card

Enterprise Plan

Call Us

Includes everything from "Starter Pack".

Get In Touch
  • Negotiable Terms
  • Quick Notes
  • Pre-matching
  • CRM Features

Note! All prices are in United States Dollars. VAT not included.

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