KnnectMe Story - Read the Story of our Startup.

We are a team of young professsionals and future Leaders.


We Provide Global Solutions

We are a breath of fresh air in the field of Contact Management, bringing a new way for businesses-oriented individuals to communicate and providing them with an innovative new solution to sharing their contact information within seconds.

It all has started at Rising Stars 2018.

Born as an idea for "paperless business card" KnnectMe was presented for a very first time, during the national competition "Rising Stars 2018".

Surprisingly or not KnnectMe won the big award - "Best Student Startup in Bulgaria for 2018".


Convert Motivation into Action (2019).

2019 was a year of team-formation, brainstorming, pitching and improving.

KnnectMe was transformed from a "paperless business card" to a smart System for Business Networks Management.

Plan. Execute. Promote. Sell.

It is important to be on time, when creating an innovation.

In 2020 our team has started developing the KnnectMe App and in July it was officially released on the market.


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