KnnectMe Web App - Read about the KnnectMe App's Features.

Create a Comprehensive Profile.

  • Present your digital self in a beautiful and modern way.

  • Your business information - displayed clearly and conceisely

  • Keep your portfolio up to date with your experience and new projects.


Scan QR Codes from inside the App.

You don't have to leave the KnnectMe App to add new contacts. Use the built-int QR Code scanner!

If your phone's camera app does not support QR Code scanning, then the Scanner is the perfect feature for you.

Make Acquaintances in seconds.

  • When attending busy events and meeting hundreds of new people, there is not enough time to type out all of their phone numbers.

  • KnnectMe allows you to share and receive Contact Details within seconds.

  • It's easy - just scan someone's KnnectMe Card and let KnnectMe take care of the rest so you can make more connections.


Personalized Contact Flow.

Add Quick Notes to new contacts that will remind you of how you met. Add your contacts to custom groups or allow the KnnectMe App to automatically create groups for you!

Stay in touch with newly added contacts by sending friend requests to their active social media profiles.

Your entire network at your fingertips

  • KnnectMe keeps your ever-growing Business Network in check.

  • Access all of your created Contact Groups anytime with ease. You can also filter your groups to narrow down your search.

  • In other words: Your contacts are always jsut a few taps away.


Filter till you find your thing.

Apply a variety of filters to narrow down your search through the Contact Groups.

Using our filters you can specifically look for named groups, groups created at a certain time, or even contacts added by event and/or time. Stay on top of your network.

Browse the history of your Contacts.

  • Your entire contact influx at a glance.

  • Have an overview of all your contacts in the Traction Panel, showing a timeline of "when, where and why" you added a contact.

  • Have an accurate representation of how your network grows each day.


Stay up to date on Nearby Events.

See all nearby current or upcoming events, ordered neatly into categories.

Preview short information about each event and tag yourself as "Interested". This allows the KnnectMe App to matched with potential associates who are also interested in the event.

Import/Export your Contacts.

  • Export any contact with ease from inside the App. Knnectme Supports the exact same formats as the best-known CRM Platforms.

  • You can just as easily import contacts into your KnnectMe profile. The App is so versatile, that it can even be a CRM in itself!


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