KnnectMe Card - Learn about the KnnectMe Card.

Meet your Unique Business Card.

  • The KnnectMe Card presents your Business in a brand new modern and stylish way.

  • Why print thousands of business cards, when you need just one!

  • Try our KnnectMe Card Designer and take the next step towards the future of contact management.


With care for the Environment.

The KnnectMe Card is made of recyclable materials and can be repurposed if you no longer need it.

Did you know 88% of all business cards end up as paper waste? KnnectMe support the reduction of waste product from business cards by giving you a single card that's all you need.

A Single QR Code is enough.

  • QR Codes are just amazing. With just a single one you can both share your contact information with anyone you meet.

  • You will never again need to look through hundreds of accounts of the same name or type someone's website manually.


Your Brand on your Card.

Choose of the provided colors on the KnnectMe Card Designer to stylize your card.

Additionally you can add your company's logo, name and wesbsite to the back of the card to futher personalize your card.

One with your wallet

  • The dimensions of the KnnectMe Card are standard and it can fit in your wallet. Always be ready to exchange information.

  • Use the card as your Business ID. You will surely turn some heads all the while expanding your network with ease.


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